Alexandra Rozas

This woman has been harassing and threatening a South Florida kids entertainment company. Alexander Rozas works at a retail place in Stella McCartney in South Florida and is threatened to do negative reviews on a kids company which she was never a client for. The local kids company owner stated that the woman was told multiple times to fill out a reservation form to make a reservation. The company stated that if callers do not fill out a reservation form then they are simply not reserved. The local company stated that they get a lot of harassment calls from time to time, many telemarketers a lot of irresponsible and procrastinating clients that want a party but wanting something is different then following up to do something. The reservation form shows commitment from a caller before the company devotes their time to that individual caller. Many people call into the office and just ask simple questions, sub- questions aren’t even related to the company, some conversations from callers have nothing to do with the business and the company has to try to get them off the phone as time is money for the company. With all the overhead the company has time is a very precious item and so are worthy clients. The company stated they do the reservation form as well because this weeds out irresponsible and indecisive client, opening up the schedule for great clients.

Alexandra Rozas Store Manager Stella McCartney

This woman should be blacklisted from all service industry, any type of business in any type of relationship in the work industry people should know about this woman Alexander Rozas. We at my back customer expose bad customers for the world to see not only for all businesses out there but also for places that employ individuals like this and so they can know what they’re dealing with. How can you ever deal with a person like this that wants to exploit?

We expose bad people and bad customers. THIS IS THE KIDS COMPANIES EXPERIENCE WITH THIS PERSON.


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