Stephanie Avetrani Echemendia

This woman in Miami Florida named Stephanie Avetrani Echemendia is a VOLATILE person and a bad customer. This lady has emotional problems and did a negative review of a children’s party company claiming they were a scam. The woman was extremely disrespectful to the company. She is an event planner and a financial advisor at Avetrani Financial. She caused a scene with a face painter who was sent to a kid’s birthday party. She disrespected and harassed a kid’s party company. She threatened the kid’s party company to return a deposit or she will harm the company with online reviews. The kid’s party company stated, that the policy doesn’t permit harassment or volatile behavior, if so, the kid’s company has the right to cancel without refunds. A face painter was sent to the actual family for the kid’s birthday. There was no issue, until Stephanie Avetrani Echemendia showed up, and caused another temper tantrum.

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