Ronald Parent Millville NJ

Ronald Parent Millville 1508 mayslanding rd
Millville nj 08332 . HE STOLE MONEY from a female MIDGET STRIPPER that drove all the way from New York city to Philadelphia. The event bachelor party was on September 22nd 8:30pm. This individual payed Little Anna less than the amount that was supposed to be paid. Ronald Parent Millville NJ came up with his own idea of what should be paid to the midget stripper.

The strip company said over the past few years, they have noticed more and more people like this have been creating their own terms of the business, ripping off exotic dancers and highly demanding of changing rules to their advantage or opinion. The strip company states, that many clients try to scam like this individual all the time.

BLACKLIST Ronald Parent Millville NJ from all business service transactions and wouldn’t trust him in the work place as well.