Carlie A Cook Seattle 98103

Carlie A Cook in Seattle Washington ordered a party from a MALE STRIPPER company in Nashville Tennessee. The woman was having a bachelorette party but was canceled due to harassing type behavior. The dancer called on his way and upon arrival. The bad customer Carlie Cook was asking the male dancer if the girls could play with his penis on the phone, the dancer laughed and also said nahhh he doesnt go nude. Upon arriving, the male dancer stated that as one of the strippers in Nashville for hire, he will not go nude and the company never stated that he was supposed to take his clothes all the way off. The male exotic dancer was traumatized over this type of behavior and no the company has lost an employee due to this woman’s behavior.

Carlie Cook insisted on trying to grab his package stated by male exotic dancer. At that time the male dancer warned to leave and not to do the show. Carlie was very volatile to both the male dancer saying he was gay and called the company and on recorded phone lines threatened the company many of times to get her another dancer or she will do a bad review. Carlie was canceled by the company for inappropriate behavior.

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