Kit Lau Temple City California

Thief stole from STRIPPER Exotic Dancer company

Date of party: 6/20/2018
Preferred Time: 6pm
One Hour window of arrival just in case unforeseen issues arise: Don’t matter to Don’t matter
Party Address: 91006
Primary contact cell phone: 6266152174
Back up cell phone: 6266152174
What Costume (e.g School-Girl,Maid,Cop,Fire,Hotel Manager,Pizza Delivery,50 Shades Darker,Cowboy,Dr,Delivery,Suit),Superhero,Other or just dress sexy ? : Anything
Priority list of 3-5 dancers you like from the site, for alternates in the case issues arise ? : Summer manny cat
What type of event (Bachelor/Bachelorette , Birthday, Night Out, Divorce, Solo, Prank): Hang out
Pre-Authorization CANCEL-fee dollar amount*: 25
Total quoted party price to be payed in CASH USD $*: 1100
Full credit card billing address* : 5005 Florinda ave temple city ca
Zipcode* : 91780
Phone* : 6266152174
Sign and date print full name: Kit lau