Beth Robertshaw South Amboy Nj

Beth Robertshaw of New Jersey has a very volatile and unpleasant side to her. She ordered a male strippers in the area to come out to dancer for her at party address 6 Jefferson ave. Palin, nj. The exotic dancer company stated that she had tried to pull the MALE STRIPPERS penis out on several occasions. The male exotic dancer stated that he had told the bad client Beth Robertshaw to stop that its not okay to grab his penis.

The male dancer said that this bad client Beth Robertshaw threatened him and said she is cool she works at NEW YORK TIMES. This incident has caused some emotional distress on the male dancer whom said he may not want to work anymore because of these volatile behaviors like from Beth.

The exotic dancer company stated Beth Robertshaw of New Jersey committed CREDIT CARD FRAUD with a FRAUDULENT CHARGE BACK.  The company stated these kind of clients really cause internal turmoil and make them not want to be in the service industry especially when dealing with WOMEN as horrible as this one. Most people think women cant act horrible like this, but in this era, the company said they have seen a increased volatile sexually aggressive nature out of clients like this.

The company also stated that in trying to speak to this client, the client sounded like they were on drugs or more commonly drunk. The client was volatile, belligerent and very threatening to the company. The company stated they will continue much more advisement online about this bad customer so everyone else can know how her behavior.

BLACKLIST THIS PERSON BETH ROBERTSDALE of New Jersey and works New York Times from all interaction and especially business services. The exotic dancer company is going to seek further actions versus her. Harassment isnt tolerated

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