Susana L Sarasa Miami 33186

Susana L Sarasa of the area of  SW 113 Terrace Miami, Fl. 33186 is a BAD CUSTOMER. She was extremely rude to the MALE STRIPPER at a party, she continued to attempt to pull his penis out of his boy shorts. After several warnings by the male exotic dancer, the performer had to leave the event. The company stated that this kind of harassment wont be tolerated. The website also has a policy for clients in the FAQ section of the website.

This woman Susana Sarasa was advised that this behavior isn’t acceptable. The company stated upon conversation with Susana, she was obviously very drunk or on some sort of recreational substance potentially because she didn’t have a normal functional cognition. The company stated when a male dancer says NO, this means NO. The woman Susana threatened to do a bad review on the company if she didnt get her way.

We are listing this woman as a bad customer for businesses or any work relationship. This woman Susana Sarasa has a very unprofessional way about herself and all businesses and future networking should be noted.

BLACKLIST Susana Sarasa of Miami Florida.

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