Renisa Savage Coconut Creek

Renisa Savage of Coconut Creek, Fl. hire a kid’s party company to simply come to a party place. The lady ordered an oddball character named Blippi. The woman’s kid is also only 2 years old and was attached to the mom and dad like a blanket. The boy didn’t want to do much of anything. The party place had limited room. Yet, this woman Resisa Savage just kept complaining to me to get my money back. I clear red flag sign of extortion. This woman complained about Blippi left and right. When the performer brought games, brought his great personality, and great entertainment skills. This woman is just a hot mess or a complete idiot.

  1. The kid is 2 years old and didn’t want to play. Was attached to parents.
  2. The performer asked Renisa Savaage to bring the kids over to the other side of the table. The parent was too lazy to bring the kids to the other side of the tables so the performer could play more games with the kids. The parent was also the type that is arrogant and an instant expert entertainer who knows everything. Yet, hasn’t entertained ever in her life.

BLACK BALL this woman Renisa Savage in Coconut Creek from all relationships in servicing and anything for that matter. She is emotionally unstable. She loves doing fraudulent negative reviews.