Maria Schwarz Aventura Florida COMING SOON MORE INFO

Maria Schwarz was a potential customer for a kids company in south Florida. The performer got T-boned meaning in a accident to which someone hit her in passenger side of vehicle, causing airbags to go off and performers head to hit driver window shattering window. The performer that was supposed to do a Troll Poppy kids party show had to cancel show as she was rushed to hospital via fire rescue. The performer suffered a intracranial hemorrhage with a epidural hematoma causing a cranial nerve III palsy as well as soft tissue injury. The outcome for the performer was amazing, she was admitted to the hospital for 2 days and discharged without issues. The performer wanted to still do the kids party and really needed the money to pay bills but medical staff stated that this type of injury typically has an onset of severe to death in roughly 6 hrs post mechanism of injury.

Maria Schwarz ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF and not the well being of the company worker that was in a major accident that day on the way to provide a service to her child. Maria Schwarz is attempting to HURT the kids company by doing reviews on the internet with NO CARE OR COMPASSION for the well being of the company workers.

BLACKLIST this woman from any and all services as she is rotten as the come based off the experience of the kids company.