Santiago A Rodriguez Miami Fl

Santiago A Rodriguez Miami Fl is a THIEF that STOLE money from a kids company

From: Santiago Subject: Miami Superhero Online !

Party Information
Attn: Sean Michael
Party Date: 02/17/2018
Character 1: Dancer Hula For Kids
Character 2: Dancer Hula Drummer
Character 3: Dancer Hula For Grown-ups
Character 4:
Character 5:
Character 6:
First and Last name: Santiago A Rodríguez
Add Ons: Fire-Moana
Preferred Time of Arrival: 7:00 pm
One Hour window of arrival just in case unforeseen issues arise: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Address of Party With Zipcode: 14173 SW 163rd St, Miami, FL 33177
Cell phone #1: 3055828877
Cell phone #2: 7863332202

Credit Card Information

First Name: Santiago
Last Name: Rodriguez
Cell Phone: 3055828877
Full billing address and zip code: 14173 SW 163rd St, Miami, FL 33177
Billing ZIPCODE: 33177
Deposit Dollar amount $: $25
Total Party Cost in USD: Cash
Cancellation Fee Dollar amount $: Yes
Your email for receipt:
Attention to Sean or Cher: [AttentiontoSeanorCher]
Type signature authorizing a 1 time non-refundable payment from The Party Character Entertainment:Santiago Rodriguez