Gizella Buligovic Astoria NY

Gizella Buligovic Astoria NY is a volatile person that tried to EXPLOIT a kids company in New York by demanding a lower price or she would do negative reviews. The kids company stated that they cant continue speaking to her because its a CRIMINAL offense she is trying to accomplish and in no way will they spend more time on the phone with her and take away from time spending on quality customers that are not angry people internally.

Gizella Buligovic Astoria NY is an emotional time bomb ready to explode as explained by kids company. The kids company said they deal with prank calls, telemarketers and bad customers like this on a daily basis. However, its refreshing when they get a good client. In this case with Gizella Buligovic Astoria NY, she is a volatile person that tries to steal money from companies if you don’t meet her demands.

BLACKLIST Gizella Buligovic Astoria NY from all services, business and work relationships as she has an angry demeanor that she cant control. She will try to exploit you as well.