Daniel Burnett Pembroke Pines

The person Daniel Brunett of Pembroke Pines Florida ordered a kids birthday party with Mario brothers to play with the kids for one hour. The total cost was $300 to be paid in cash before the party starts after the performers are in costume and confirm games and details of where to put the bubble machine. The bad customer, after seeing the performers in costume, enjoying all the festivities, with the performers, three days later called the kids birthday company asking for a refund for the total amount. This person and his wife Yezenia Burnett both have harrassed the kid’s company numerous times seeking money from the kid’s company. This bad customer works at a local law office in Fort Lauderdale, named Conrad & Scherer Law Firm.

Both of them complained about the extension cord not being long enough and wanted money back. The kid’s company stated the extension cord is twenty-five feet long, is the best bubble machine money can buy, and nowhere do we mention we bring 1000s of feet of cord. The kid’s company stated that they have hundreds of photos and videos of Mario Brothers, they have different versions of Mario Brothers, they always have to repair parts of the costume like eyebrows, mustaches, patches, tails that get ripped off, parts that get ripped, bellies that get broken and need replacement parts, in fact, many alterations need to take place every month. These customers were told this. Yet, they continued with the attacks on the company. The kids in the pictures had smiles from ear to ear. The customers saw the costumes and games at the event and had every legal right to cancel based on a subjective thought process.

The email from this bad customer is below:

This is Daniel Burnett.  My wife, Yezenia, hired your company for my son’s birthday party on 9/14/2019.  The costumes and performance were not what she agreed to and paid for.  My wife gave you the benefit of the doubt, assuming you manage your business in a professional manner, and texted you yesterday regarding her concerns with your company’s services, asking for a response.  You have ignored her so I now need to escalate the issue.  Consider this an informal notice that I will not tolerate your misrepresentations and fraudulent practices.  If I do not receive an acceptable offer from you to resolve this issue within 24 hours, an attorney at my firm will prepare a formal demand letter to you.

This message shall confirm that you have opted not to take my offer to resolve this issue outside of the Court.  You have chosen instead to undergo a full legal investigation of you and your businesses.  An attorney will be in contact with you soon.

BLACKLIST this person Daniel Burnett from any services as he is an awful person. The company feels like Daniel Burnett is trying to extort money from them, this has caused the kid’s birthday company to not want to operate anymore. The owner said this person is a LOSER with a BAD ATTITUDE and should be blacklisted from all relations in business and god knows what else.

This scumbag is seeking $900. The owner of the kid’s company offered a charity event locally at the hospital which the kid’s birthday company does a lot. The owner of the kid’s company stated, that this bad customer should pay all of us workers money for all the stress caused emotionally and fear now in dealing with anyone.