Alexa Gibson Cherry Hill NJ

Alexa Gibson of Cherry Hill New Jersey was horrible to the FEMALE STRIPPER Anasthasia who has worked for the exotic dancer company for 6 years now with no issues. The company stated that their worker has a pleasant demeanor and has a outstanding work ethic far better than most entertainers.

Alexa Gibson continued trying to grab the MALE Strippers penis even when asked to stop by the male stripper. Alexa Gibson should be charged with¬†sexual harassment but the male dancer decided to leave. A note should be kept anytime thinking of hiring this individual for any type of work in any niche that she is extremely mis-behaved and doesn’t listen to anyones wishes.

The female exotic dancer stated that Alexa Gibson a BAD CUSTOMER from the 1st phone call tried to change plans in route and upon arrival with the female dancer. The client tried to change the costume from a police girl to a trench coat jump out of a cake routine. The exotic dancer stated to the client, she didn’t bring these props with her and was only told to do a police girl role play at a family birthday party.

Alexa Gibson was DRUNK and BELLIGERENT with the dancer, as told to the strippers company by the dancer. The exotic dancer said that Alexa Gibson persisted the exotic dancer let the girls and the guys at the party do SEX but the exotic dancer stated that she is a exotic stripper not a prostitute. At this time the exotic dancer felt very uncomfortable in doing the show and left without any harm THANK GOD.

BLACKLIST ALEXA GIBSON from any and all services in terms of WORK or any relationship with this woman. She is volatile in many ways and very disrespectful. The company said they have never experienced such a foul personality in any of their clients over many years of business. The company is just thankful that no harm came to their performer that drove from NJ across from the Hudson to this party in Philly area.