Mary Ann Chamberlain

Mary Ann Chamberlain in Plantation Florida, is a BAD customer. She created a bad situation reminiscent of someone who isn’t emotionally mindful. She made a fraudulent review of an innocent kids party company. She was told she needed to be flexible on time for the event she had on October 28th, 2023 in Plantation Florida. She refused to pay attention to the kids party company’s policy of a one-hour window of arrival. She didn’t want to follow policy, so the kid’s party company said okay, we will cancel you, and goodbye. The policy also was sent to her, saying if she harassed or disrespected the company, she would be canceled. Her response became more volatile and disrespectful. Nevertheless, the kid’s company took care of the volatile bad customer named Mary Chamberlain. The woman is a mess, she went into a full-blown temper tantrum, like a child.

Mary Ann Chamberlain works at Anderson Material Handling in Deerfield, Florida. She also works for Moskowits LLP a tax law firm.

BLACKLIST Mary Ann Chamberlain from any relationship regarding business, services, or other forms of activity. She is a bad customer, emotionally a mess, her behavior is of a spoiled child.