Maribel Gabriel of Boca Raton

Maribel Gabriel Boca Raton is a negative and volatile person. She is a horrid customer, that has no understanding of the positives of services, stated by a kids party company. The woman is not the brightest of the bunch for sure, she thought an Easter Bunny Mascot should bring in a Tig of War and Potato sack games into a bowling alley to play with a group of little kids. She is not a responsible client either. She expected the Bunny mascot to velcro the back of the suit up by himself. She didn’t proactively assist the mascot at all whatsoever, yet blames the Bunny for everything. The lady couldn’t find a positive to save her life. The owner of the kid’s company will not tolerate irresponsible or volatile customers.

BLACKLIST Maribel Gabriel who happens to be a SCHOOL TEACHER. How could this person be teaching children, yet cant proactively assist a mascot to put the 3 pieces of velcro on the back together? This woman is the typical irresponsible person that is lazy and presses blame for everything without any accountability. She was negative on the phone from the beginning. This is revenge for the nerd woke teacher in the experience of the kids company