Kenia Andriamampianina

Kenia Andriamampianina requested Rico a male stripper in south Florida to dance for a party she was throwing. However, she stated she only wants Rico the male dancer. This women was INFLEXIBLE on the choice of the stripper. The stripper company stated that Kenia Andriamampianina requested if Rico ever does sex with clients and the client was told know that’s illegal. Rico the male dancer at this point didn’t want to do the party due to the ladies behavior being very angry like and also demeaning. So, the strip company stated the client is a horny chunga that stalked the company. The strip company stated that in good conscience they wouldnt send a dancer to a hostile environment. The lady actually posted a review on the company because she didnt get her way. Her demands were illegal and her behavior was angry like so she was weeded out and told the company wasn’t going to do the service.

BLACKLIST  Kenia Andriamampianina from any service or relationship in the work place as she has tremendous anger problems and seeks illegal activity.