Yvonne Forte Hialeah

This woman, Yvonne Forte of Hialeah, Florida, is a Karin personality. She ordered an LED robot from a kid’s company and claimed the LED robot dancer didn’t do anything. When the kid’s company asked for evidence, Yvonne Forte sent a 6-second video of music with no words and an audience with less energy than 80-year-olds at an old people’s home. This woman is highly emotional, makes no sense, does not back up her claims, and loves to go online and leave 1-star reviews, all due to emotions.

BLACKLIST Yvonne Forte from any relationships or services. She is a headcase in the company’s experience. She wastes people’s time with toxic negativity and made a racist comment about ghetto music. The company feels, the lady was trying to extort the company for money.