Chamond Henderson Pembroke Pines Florida

This person works at LA fitness in Pembroke Pines , Fl .

1900 N Flamingo Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028 .

This person Chamond Henderson interrupted a LA fitness client’s private conversation. The LA fitness employee Chamond Henderson continued to interrupt the client even when asked to stop interrupting. The LA fitness employee then decided to take a seat at the table of the client and continue to push himself into their private conversation. Chamond Henderson became very volatile when asked to leave the table. Chamond Henderson told the LA fitness client that white people cant train people here at LA fitness. The client Sean stated “Im not a personal trainer and never have been, that your confused and need to mind your business and leave our conversation”.

Chamond Henderson attempted to speak to Sean the following day at the gym. Sean stated “I have nothing to speak to you about because you assume Im a personal trainer ,rude and a racist”. Chamond Henderson made up stories to the LA fitness vice president saying that Sean is personal training clients here and to revoke his membership. Other LA fitness clients at the gym told many staff members that Sean doesn’t train anyone ever. However, even with many witnesses in Sean’s defense , LA fitness Pembroke Pines still took the side of Chamond.

Sean attempted to contact corporate several times about the unethical treatment he was receiving by the RACIST Chamond Henderson but LA fitness never tried to look into it or contact Sean back.

Chamond Henderson is RACIST , VOLATILE and unethically committed DEFORMATION of CHARACTER about Sean Kaptaine without any type of proof.

Chamond Henderson
Chamond Henderson at Pembroke Pines LA fitness
chamond henderson miramar fl