Valeria Zevallos Bridgewater New Jersey

A statement made by a strip company sales staff. This individual Valeria Zevallos called a MALE STRIPPER company inquiring about booking an entertainer when she told the company the address. The entertainment business informed her that there would be a traveling fee because of the distance for the dancer. She then asked, does that come with SEX? The company stated of course not, is that a joke. This is an entertainment company for fun experiences and memories. She decided it was too high and decided not to book with me. Several days later, she contacted the strip company back, trying to confirm her party. They told her that she had the wrong company and that I did not have a booking for her. She apologized, and the phone call ended. Come the day of her party. She reached out to me asking where her entertainer was. I told her I remembered speaking to her and letting her know she did not book with us!! She then screamed at me, calling me every profanity in the book !! And I told her I was ending the call because it was not our company’s fault that she didn’t remember where she had booked from. For future reference, she should write it down!!

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