Snezana Pican Miami Florida


Phone: 561-860-0700
Address: 55 southeast 6 street Miami, Florida 33131 .

Snezana Pican of Miami Florida called a kids company in Miami Florida. Within 30 seconds on the phone, this woman started to disrespect the company owner Sean CEO of the kids company by stating why is the price so high all your doing is dressing up in a costume. The owner replied that these are the prices and our operating procedures are as follows if you would like a party. The woman Snezana Pican became volatile cussing and threatening the owner to drop the prices and to meet her demands otherwise she will do NEGATIVE REVIEWS on google¬†online. The owner simply responded please don’t call back we are not providing you service due to behavior that will not be tolerated.

Blacklist this horrible client from any and all services or work related jobs. This woman has uncontrolled anger, is egocentric, will try to EXPLOIT companies with threats, is extremely volatile and ready to vent her anger on anyone over the phone and will PLACE NEGATIVE REVIEWS versus you or your company if she doesn’t get exactly what she desires even if it doesn’t meet the companies standard operating procedure.