Julian Montoya Jr Dallas Tx

This individual is a volatile person that threats exotic dancers he calls whores. Much more information on the harassment of this person is coming soon. The strip company stated that this person is unsafe as they have a tremendous anger problem and wanted to do some awful things to the exotic dancers. The company restrained wanting to continue the conversation because this volatile client Jullian Montoya Dallas Tx is someone who cant handle the truth and reality of things. The exotic dancer company stated this man has tremendous mental issues and that any business or work relationships should be avoided with this person in the future. This is the type of person that could shoot up a school or something awful like that. Very unsafe person to do business with.

jullian montoya dallas tx

Jullian Montoya Dallas Tx

jullian montoya dallas tx

Jullian Montoya Dallas

julian montoya dallas texas

Julian Montoya in Dallas