Samantha James Winsor Ca

Samantha James Windsor California on October 30, 2018 committed harassment to a STRIPPER aka EXOTIC DANCER company. They continually called numerous times asking for SEX which is illegal. The harassment is also a legal concern as well, the phone recorded conversations will be uploaded shortly. The person was asked many times to stop calling, yet they had many friends continue to call. This website provides law enforcement documentation to provide police department, to file a charge of disruptive conduct penile code 47 U.S. Code § 223. This person has annoyed and threatened the company numerous times.

Samantha James of Windsor California 131 Dartmouth Way Windsor California 95492 will be reported to authorities now. BLACKLIST this person from all services and job relationships (they can be a liability to you).

Further marketing will now take place. 205-826-9332.
Other associates will also now be listed and reported.
All phone recordings will be uploaded.