Susy Marchesini Miami Florida

FRAUDULENT CREDIT CARD FRAUD . Much more information stated by MALE STRIPPERS company in south Florida. The company stated that this woman was very disrespectful to the exotic dancer by trying to pull his bottoms off numerous times and even poured alcohol on him causing him to smell of alcohol. This woman was warned multiple times by male stripper to not pull on his penis and not to try to pull off his shorts. Meanwhile she continued to do what she wanted to do. The dancer had some emotional stress due to this and this woman Susy Marchesini of Miami Florida threatened to do negative reviews to the company if she didn’t get her way or money back.

Susy Marchesini 33030

BLACKLIST Susy Marchesini of south Miami Florida from any type of relationship in terms of business or work. She has harassment type of behavior and thinks she can do what she wants. This woman has a very volatile nature about herself stated by company, she threatens to do companies harm unless she can get her way. She doesn’t understand the concept of NO means NO in terms of grabbing a male dancers penis.  Further pursuit is starting to take place from company on this bad customer. The company stated they will let everyone know of their experience with this woman.

Would this woman do this in the workplace too ?

This is harassing type of behavior on male or female.