Phone 347 353 4497

This person that owns this phone committed FRAUD on a credit with name, fraudulent credit card, STOLE money from a STRIPPER Exotic Dancer company.
More information coming soon. Person used the name Alex Franco of New York. Seemed to used a address 3750 Oilnville ave. Bronx, NY. 10467 as a party address for the strippers to go to. This person canceled last minute, which the website has a terms and conditions agreement signed by this person, to pay entire fee if canceled the day of event. The individual is now threatening bad reviews on the company, which the company is used to extortion like this anyways. Further investigation is taking place.

BE CAREFUL and look out for this Phone 347 353 4497 because this person is a FRAUD and THIEF. Natally Harry is the owner of the phone on phone records.