Yolanda Gonzalez New York 10002

Yolanda Gonzalez is a BAD CUSTOMER

She calls and asks irrelevant questions, asks for services that a company never advertises for, calls multiple times bothering sales reps, threatens the company to talk to her or she will do bad reviews. She literally said to company if they dont continue speaking with her, she will ruin the company and do DIRECT HARM to company. This is a legal violation of EXTORTION ON A COMPANY. Company is looking into seeking emotional damages and direct business harm and loss of wages for not being able to cope with business anymore.

Yolanda Gonzalez lives in the projects in the lower east side of New York. She is a volatile client that demands her way or she will go online and leave bad reviews on your facebook. The kids company stated that she was absolutely obnoxious and demanded a cotton candy candy machine when the kids company stated to her multiple times they dont have cotton candy machines or any other type of food machine. The lady clearly has a IQ issue, which all evil is rooted to ignorance, stated by Socrates and highly factual.

Address of party:  18 Jackson Street apt#6A New York 10002 . This woman is not worth the business. Im sure with here needy behavior, IQ issues and volatile behavior with threats she is not worth the risk in any sort of communication e.g. BAD in the WORKPLACE, SERVICE industry or any form of relationship in dealing with Yolanda Gonzalez in New York.

This message is from the experience the kids company had with this woman.

Yolanda Gonzalez NY 10002

  • Volatile

  • Harassment

  • Threatens To Do Bad Reviews If Unrealistic Demands Not Met

  • She Is Very Slow Talking And Is Very Dumb (She has Mental Issues Diagnosed By Company Owner Who Is A M.D.)

  • Makes Up Lies Playing Victim To Exploit Company

  • Asks Irrelevant Questions Wasting Time

  • Asks For Services Company Doesn’t Offer & Gets Volatile If Company Cant Provide (Very Weird Woman)

  • Jumps On Facebook To Do BAD REVIEWS