India Jackson Springfield Gardens NY

India Jackson Springfield Gardens NY is a volatile person in many ways. She is just an angry person that requires people to think the same way as her via demands and volatile behavior otherwise she will take her anger out on your business. She cant control her anger and is an EMOTIONAL TIME BOMB.

This woman tried to exploit a kids company for money or she would do negative reviews. The kids company stated that they tried to avoid the time demanding volatile costumer with sending them the Mickey Mouse character, yet this woman after receiving a service from kids company went to the dark side. She is shown in the white text messages below using foul language towards owner of kids company. The kids company has many clients to attend to yet this woman India Jackson Springfield Gardens NY does not care about other clients and a business that has to attend to other clients, she only cares about herself.

Her complains were the company owner has no social skills. Yet, the company owner states he has amazing social skills that’s why he is in entertainment, the kids company owner stated that he had to rid of client on the phone after 23 phone calls to set up a simple Mickey Mouse character visit. Time demands are always a concern for a business and only a specific amount of time is given per client especially determined by how much money they are spending or how big the event is.

Another complain was that the kids were scared of the Mickey Mouse and nobody should order this service. Company rebuttal is that you cant control if kids get scared or not and especially cant blame Mickey Mouse for the kids being scared, would you blame Chuckie Cheese if the kids were scared?

The woman India Jackson Springfield Gardens New York, stated that she should have just got in the costume. Company rebuttal, 1st she is too obese to fit into the costume and 2nd the kids company cant rent the costume for liability issues, 3rd most people cant take the heat in the mascots or are  claustrophobic in the costume.

The women’s boyfriend Ernestounc Ceci of New York called into kids company and made threats to kill the company owner, to take him off the face of the earth, asked company owner to meet him in person face to face, and said he would make an effort to find the company owner.

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