Kory Zipperer Houston Texas

Kory Zipperer Houston Texas did a fraudulent charge back on an exotic dancer company. When the stripper company tried to contact this client about the chargeback, he claimed it was an accident however the accident was never overturned throughout three months. This individual contacted the exotic dancer company about 45 times as listed on the phone company with recorded conversations. The exotic dancer company finally told this individual to stop harassing him and calling multiple times that he’s full of it. Kory Zipperer Houston Texas called a Florida State trooper to contact the exotic dancer company owner when this is a civil matter. The exotic dancer company owner stated to the state trooper that he respects police officers as he comes from a family of police officers yet this is a civil matter and you’ve the state trooper must be Kory’s friend. Of course the police officer didn’t reply to this but the exotic dancer company had already stated to Kory he was taken off my bad customer. However as of April 9 a new complaint came in from the BBB that Kory Zipperer made, this individual will not go away, they do a fraudulent chargeback that was never overturned, he has a Florida State trooper on downtime getting paid by tax dollars handle a sieve or civil matter for his friend while on duty contacting a business run by the exotic dancer company, then he goes and will not leave this exotic dancer company alone and literally goes to the BBB. Now, Kory Zipperer of Houston Texas will remain here for infinity. I need all businesses to know about this psychopathic individual that’s incredibly volatile just called the exotic dancer company owner on the phone screaming like a little sissy girl that he is.

Beware of this individual and doing any type of business, the female exotic dancers complained about this guy and how rude and obnoxious he was to them on the day of the party. Yet Kory was very persistent in trying to get what he wants.