Victoria Bardes Seaford NY

I got a phone call from a Victoria Bardes NY looking for a midget entertainer for the day of the event on July 12, 2020; it was a last-minute party planning requirement to manage so it can be challenging to do. Upon speaking to Victoria Bardes Seaford NY, she filled out the form online for one little person entertainer. The little person entertainer can’t drive a car, so he called Uber to drive him to the party, which was a one hour and forty-five-minute drive, costing a pretty penny for the performer, who is suffering like many others financially due to all the COVID regulations. The client filled out the form to pay the little person $400 cash on arrival. However, when the midget stripper arrived, the irresponsible bad customer Victora Bardes of Seaford NY, said she doesn’t have any money. The EXOTIC STRIPPER company called the bad customer to give her another option to pay. The strip company said it was difficult speaking to the woman because she was DRUNK and VOLATILE on the phone. However, Victoria Bardes attempted to be responsible for paying via Paypal, but she didn’t pay correctly the STRIPPER company stated. The entertainment company reported, that this lousy customer got more and more volatile when told she made another mistake. The woman pushed the midget entertainer to the ground in the driveway, and everyone was laughing. The midget entertainer had to call uber to drive him back to the home he left.

Victoria Bardes should be BLACKLISTED from all services from companies, working relationships as well, and avoided at all costs. The company experience is she is unethical, has poor integrity, and, most of all, volatile. Avoid her violent behavior at all prices. She also committed credit card fraud, the company stated.